Delphi Stomp Client (with FreePascal support)

Yes, I’ve just committed last version of DelphiStompClient, a STOMP client for Delphi 2010 (should works in 2007 and 2009 too) and FreePascal 2.4. DelphiStompClient has been tested with Apache ActiveMQ 5.2 and 5.3 but should works with every STOMP compliant server. You can find the code here, but if you need more info with […]

New beta version for DataSnap Filters Compendium

I’ve been very busy lately with some Delphi related events here in Italy Delphi “Porte Aperte” (organized by Marco Cantù and bit Time Software) Ready for the change? IT happens (organized by bit Time Software) so I havent too much time for my personal open source project. But now I’ve released new beta version for […]