My speech at “PHP Day 2010″

This time a very fast post… For the third year in a row, I will talk at the PHP Day in Italy organized, as usual, by the friends of GRUSP. My speech will be about Continuous Integration and PHP, with a little introduction to Hudson. This is the main conference website. This is my speaker/speech page. Enough fast?

A Simple start with MVP in Delphi for Win32, Part 2

Some month ago I wrote a simple article about an MVP variant called PassiveView. That example was very simple. Now I’ll present a more “advanced” version of that example. The main problem with first example was the following method: procedure TfrmCalculatorView.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin //Link controls with related interface IFirstOperand := TGUIEdit.Create(EditFirstOp); ISecondOperand := TGUIEdit.Create(EditSecondOp); ICalcResult := TGUIEdit.Create(EditResult); IOperators := TGUISelectableList.Create(ComboOperators); IError := TGUIEdit.Create(EditError); //link view and presenter FPresenter := TCalculatorPresenter.Create(Self); //<<– THIS IS THE BAD LINE end; The “BAD” line links the View with the Presenter but it’s in the view code, so this is meaning that View KNOWS the…
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