ITDevCon 2017 Spring Edition

Posted on mar 09 maggio 2017 in ITDevCon

Yes, we did it!

As we anticipated at the last ITDevCon in Rome (oct 2016) in 2017 we organized another appointment with ITDevCon, called Spring Edition. The Spring Edition is shorter than the classic edition and it is only in italian language, but offers the usual high-level contents that the …

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ANN: DelphiMVCFramework 3.0 beta

Posted on gio 06 aprile 2017 in Community, DMVCFramework, Projects, STOMP

In the last months some of the great 9 DelphiMVCFramework contributors from all over the world, have worked hard to release the version 3.0. Now it is ready to be tested!


DelphiMVCFramework is one of the most popular RESTful framework for Delphi, so any change has been accurately considered …

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Delphi 10.2 Tokyo: REDIS Client is ready for Linux (VIDEO)

Posted on dom 26 marzo 2017 in Delphi, Linux

Now that Delphi can compile for Linux, I'd like to show how to use Delphi REDIS client on Linux.\ Redis is a very powerful key-value store server used by the biggest companies in the world. While it is very popular in web applications with thousands of concurrent users, also traditional …

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RAD Studio Tokyo 10.2 Live Preview events in Rome and Milan

Posted on ven 17 marzo 2017 in Events

Yesterday and the day before, I was been the presenter for the RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo Live Preview in Rome and Milan. There were a lot of interested people. As we all know, the Linux support was really awaited for the last 15 years or so (since the kylix …

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Delphi Redis Client available through GetIt Package Manager

Posted on lun 05 dicembre 2016 in bit Time Professionals, Programming


Since some days ago, Delphi Redis Client, the official redis client for Delphi, is available through GetIt.

You can get the library with just a click, now there aren't reasons to be afraid by Redis utilization :-)

More info and the (very simple) installation instruction at the dedicated page.

The official …

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ITDevCon Community Workshops: DelphiMVCFramework & Multithreading

Posted on mer 30 novembre 2016 in DMVCFramework

As you probably know, monday and tuesday we held 2 ITDevCon Community Workshop.

On monday we had "Tutto su DelphiMVCFramework" (All about DelphiMVCFramework) a very intensive workshop which introduce al the major features about DelphiMVCFraemework:

  • DelphiMVCFramework architecture
  • Understanting Routing
  • Controllers
  • Routes and parameters
  • Renders
  • Action filters
  • Accessing data
  • Be amazed …

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Delphi 10.1 Berlin Update 2 - startup problems and fixes

Posted on gio 17 novembre 2016 in Delphi

Just a quick note to leave documentation for other Delphi and C++Builder developers around here.

After installing the RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Update 2 my RAD Studio installation was broken.

The installation reach the end but when I start RAD Studio I get a lot of messages of …

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ITDevCon: -15 days

Posted on mer 21 settembre 2016 in ITDevCon

In about 2 weeks ITDevCon 2016 will start!

The agenda is final since one week already, with most of the speeches already defined months ago.

You can check the agenda here:

Get Your Ticket

We have 15 speakers from all over the world, from Brazil to Slovenia …

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We have the number, "Delphi Cookbook 2nd Edition" is a bestseller!

Posted on ven 05 agosto 2016 in ITDevCon

Delphi Cookbook 2nd Edition was published by PacktPub at the end of June 2016. I'm very happy to see that in just 30 days, it has become a bestseller in its category.

So far, the book has sold 13 copies each day, which is a good figure for a tech …

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Delphi Cookbook - 2nd Edition

Posted on gio 30 giugno 2016 in Books

Delphi Cookbook 2nd Edition

Starting from today my Delphi Cookbook 2nd edition is available to buy. The first edition got a lot of interest and appreciation comments. Delphi Cookbook is a best sellers for PacktPub (my editor) in its category, the editor decided to ask me a 2nd edition. So here it is!

What's …

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