My AMQP Delphi wrapper is in the standard 0MQ distribution

Yes, this is a nice news!
My AMQP Delphi wrapper for 0MQ is officially included into the distribution of 0MQ.
Now sources are managed into the main svn trunk.
You can read the news in the project’s main page.
You can see the code here.

In the upcoming greatest Delphi conference ITDevCon, I’ll have a talk about MoM (Message oriented middleware) and I’ll talk about ZeroMQ too.

7 thoughts on “My AMQP Delphi wrapper is in the standard 0MQ distribution

  1. Daniele, Have you any interest in Converting to Freepascal ?

    I have converted the github version but when I run the ChatRoom example it Freezes the X trying perform the zmq.CreateQueue command.

  2. @Daniel Gaspary:
    Yes, Daniel, I could be interested in a porting for FreePascal. But, now I haven’t enough time to spend on it. If you need FP version, I can help you with the conversion stuff, but probably I will cannot write much code.

  3. Daniele, have you tested this against the RabbitMQ branch for AMQP 0-91? It should work.

    Please try – and please email me if it does not work 😉



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  5. Hello,
    I am interesting about 0MQ as AMQP using Delphi and try your wrapper, but I have some problems
    I try to download the source form your link
    >You can see the code here.
    but I get “That page doesn’t exist!”
    Can I try a deferent link?

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