Back from Brazil (all slides and code from the Brasilian Delphi Conference)

Last week I returned from Brazil where I had been to speak to the Delphi Conference.
The conference was held in St. Paul who, like many Brazilians will be able to confirm, is not a typical Brazilian city.

The warmth of local people has been exemplary. Andreano Lanusse has organized all in a really valuable way.

Besides the excellent food, I was surprised by the number of Delphi developers found: 550! In addition, over 150 people
have not had time to register and were placed on a waiting list. Fantastic.

After the inevitable David and his keynote, there were four simultaneous tracks during the day.

My talk was translated from English to Portuguese.

As imagined, the argument Android and seem to raise much interest in the Delphi community.

It was very nice to have confirmation in the first person to what is present and the large Brazilian community Delphi.

Here you can find all the slides and in my GoogleCode svn repository you can find all the DEMO code.

If you live in italy or can speak in italian language, you might be interested in the “ITDEVCON MOBILE BOOST” (

Stay tuned.


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