DMVCFramework at CodeRage 2019

At CodeRage 2019 Brasil edition, Rafael Araujo held a good speech about DMVCFramework and its utilization for APIs development.

In the video Rafael shows how to create a simple API to do CRUD for a database table (using FireDAC and FirebirdSQL) and how to create a VCL client using the facilities that DMVCFramework offerts to automatically populate a TFDMemTable. The TFDMemTable is then connected to a TDBGrid and a TDBNavigator to create the UI as usual.

The speech is in portuguese but the code is absolutely understandable for any Delphi developer out there. The steps followed by Rafael are simple and clear, so waiting for the upcoming DMVCFrameworkHandBook I think that this video is a good documentation for the framework. You can find more info about DMVCFramework here.

Here’s the video

Arquitetura MVC para construir sua API RESTful

Good job Rafael!


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