Here's the pascal for Java and Android

Yes, this is very cool. I’m not a Java hater, in terms of language (and I dont want to start a language-war), but some Java features, IMHO, are a bit uncomfortable for me.
However, Java is very powerful and there are an enormous amount of good open source project for Java. So, seeing java libraries used in simil-pascal code (is not Delphi’s Pascal, but enough similar), is nice. In this way, you can use all the java libraries in Pascal!
I’d like to have this integration in Delphi IDE too with a good designer for Android activities.

I’m testing Oxygene for Java (form RemObjects) for a couple of things, specifically Android related.
This is my first console project in Oxygene for Java, just to see some code.



IMHO there is an enormous potential for the Delphi developer and for all the developers that need a unique language to do server, mobile and native ultra fast app.

I dream to have this technology into the Delphi IDE.


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