Guest speaker @ Delphi Develpers Days in Rome

Next week I’ll be the guest speaker at the Delphi Developers Days held in Rome by (and with) Marco Cantù and Cary Jensen. Marco and Cary are very good speakers and very expert developers, so will be nice to be there with them and I want to thank them for inviting me.

My talk will be on May 17 and these are the details:


Improving Code Testability Through Dependency Injection


Create a highly decoupled system is not simple. Inversion of control principle help to understand what you have to do to accomplish this target. In this speech I’ll introduce the reasons behind the adoption of a IoC is a good thing for your software and your business. In the final part, will be introduced the dependency injection container contained in the Delphi Spring Framework (spring4d). There will be lot of examples to help to correctly understand this “new & better” way to do old things.

This is the page for register to the event

See you there!


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