Swimming World Championships: Delphi Software swim in it

From July 17th to August 2nd, The Foro Italico (in Rome) will be the heart of the 13th FINA World Championships Roma 2009, for swimming, diving, synchronised swimming and water polo. Four permanents pools and two temporary pools will be the set of the competitions for the four competitive disciplines, and all the venue will turn into a village that will host and entertain all night long over 400.000 people during 17 days of contests.

2009 Swimming World Championships

Now you are thinking: where is Delphi ?

Delphi is used (as usual) without knowing you are using it.

A software built with Delphi is used to manage the opening ceremony.
This software is designed to do the very complex attendee placement in the audience and to automate the invitation process.
The attendees will be VIP from Italy and international countries, starting from the italian president, the highest authority in Italy.



You can have a look at the software CERIMONIERE here (but the site is in Italian, sorry)

I actively participated in the design and development of this software, and now that I see it in action, in a so important and internationally well known event, I’m very proud of it, and I’m sure any member of the great Delphi community will be as well.

4 thoughts on “Swimming World Championships: Delphi Software swim in it

  1. I allways love it when good (Delphi-written) software is used!!
    I know for a fact that Delphi software is also used at international weightlifting competitions, and at international archery competitions..


  2. Thanks for sharing! Delphi is used a lot in background and doesn’t get the attention that it deserves (well, this happens to other languages as well 😉

  3. Yes Nice work, it’s always a pleasure to read of Delphi-written program used in big reality and events.
    This happens also in Formula One Championship but nobody knows. 😀

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