Delphi & Android in the next few conferences

Tomorrow I’m leaving from Rome to go to São Paulo (Brasil) for the annual Delphi Conference.
This is the Brasilian Delphi Conference web site:
I’ve a talk about Delphi and Android. I’m really excited for all the cool things that can be done with this technologies.
For the conference talk, I’ve developed a DEMO Android application to manage customers and orders that use some mobile technologies available in the Android OS in my Samsung Galaxy S.

This application uses JSON over HTTP to talk with a DataSnap server developed with DelphiXE. The database that it is used by the Delphi server, is Interbase.

The DataSnap REST interface is completely RESTful, it is not a JSON-RPC.

In this Android application, a salesman, can also acquire the customer’s GPS coordinates (for example, his shop office’s location) and use this information in the included GoogleMaps view. This informations, along with all orders details, are sent, as soon as possibile, to the central office and integrated with the customer’s data already there.

In november, I’m having a mini-course in Milan (ITALY) about “Delphi in the mobile Era”. I’ll talk about all the new possibilities that mobile devices and new DataSnap, have opened to the Delphi programmers. (

In the middle of november (17-18-19) bit Time, has organized a very nice conference called “ITDevCon: European Delphi Conference”. The first day (november 17th) is about mobile development, there will be 2 tracks, one on Android development, and the other on iPhone development. I’ll hold Android course.
These are the course contents: (will be only in italian language).

See you soon in person in one of this events.


This year, the launch of the new RADSTUDIO XE has been really nice. We have met some friends and customers exciting to see the new Delphi features and capabilities.
In the event of Rome there was DavidI too.

The agenda has been the following:

Embarcadero Update + XE and All-Access (DavidI)
+ New Products, Ideas, Projects
+ Delphi64 bit compiler preview

What’s New in the IDE (Marco Cantù)
+ SubVersion
+ BeyondCompare
+ AQTime

New features in the RTL, RTTI (Daniele Teti)
+ Threading
+ Virtual Methods Interceptor
+ RegEx
+ CodeSite Express

Agile Development (Daniele Teti)
+ UML modeling
+ audits, metrics
+ repository
+ unit testing
+ Final Builder

Web, Cloud e Database Support (Marco Cantù)
+ Microsoft Azure Components
+ Deploy in the Amazon EC2 Cloud

What’s new in Datasnap (Daniele Teti and MArco Cantù)
+ Developing DataSnap server (Daniele)
+ DS Authentication/Authorization (Daniele)
+ DS Filters (Daniele)
+ DS RequestFilters (Marco)
+ Using DS from Delphi Client (Daniele)
+ Using DS from PHP Client (Daniele)
+ Using DS from Javascript Client (Marco)
+ Using DS from Android Client (Daniele)

Summary and Q&A

The last DEMO has been an Android APP wich use a REST DataSnap Server built with Delphi. Audience has been very excited about it.

Many attendedees have been very interested in the upcoming ITDevCon ( and for the new courses in the bit Time offers.

Some of the photos are uploaded on Google Picasa. You can see them here.