Delphi MVC Web Framework - “Hello World”

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This is the first “Hello World” for my Delphi MVC Web Framework.

program DelphiMVCWebFramework;
  4. uses
  5.   System.SysUtils,
  6.   MVCEngine in 'MVCEngine.pas',
  7.   BaseController in 'BaseController.pas';
  9. var
  10.   mvc: TWebMVCEngine;
  11. begin
  12.   mvc := TWebMVCEngine.Create;
  13.   mvc.AddRoute('/', procedure(Context: TWebContext)
  14.     begin
  15.       Context.Write('Hello World');
  16.     end).Start(8080);
  17.   ReadLn;
  18.   mvc.Free;
  19. end.

Features list (some of them are in the internal roadmap)

  • Completely MVC
  • Addressable with servername/controllername/actionname?par1&par2
  • Addressable with servername/controllername/actionname/par1/par2
  • Can also use anonymous methods as actions for very simple app (in the sample)
  • Really RESTful (Level 3 of the Richardson Maturity Model)
  • Fully integrable into WebBroker and DataSnap
  • Supports multiple resource rapresentations
  • Completely customizable routing using internal formatting or regex
  • Inspired to ASP.NET, Sinatra, Java Spring MVC, Java Restlet
  • Scriptable views support (Pascal, Razor, Lua)
  • Component based
  • Session support
  • ORM support using dorm
  • Classic TDataSet support
  • State server to support real loadbalancing using reverse proxy
  • Can be deployed as standalone (in the example), ISAPI dll and Windows Service
  • Fully support https
  • More to come…
  • This framework is still under development.

    Are you interested in? :-)


    The project is open source and you can fint it here

#1 “dorm, the Delphi ORM” bullettin

"The Delphi ORM" 1 Comment »

This is the first post regarding a fast update on the last changes to the dorm project in terms of management and code.

  • Welcome to 2 new contributors: mrbar2000 and magnomp (this is the full list
  • Added a PersistentStrategy for SQLite.
  • New Google Group related to dorm. Post your questions, comments and request here!
  • Added support for Generics Collections. No more needs of TdormCollection. You classes are completely decoupled from the framework.
  • A brand new mapping strategy is under development. There will be “3 levels” of mapping: Config File, RTTI Attributes and “Conventions Over Configuration” (CoC) (do you wanna check the code in dev branch? Click here)
  • Added more unittests
  • Roadmap updated
  • Initial support for MS SQLServer in a development branch (Thanks to Claudio Regonat)
There are plenty of new features still to come. Stay tuned!
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