✨ Only for august 2022, buy 'DMVCFramework - the official guide' with 40% discount! ✨

Yes! It’s finally summer time - time for beach, mountain or whatherver you like to do during holidays. Usually in summer you want somthing to read - why don’t use this relaxed time to improve your knowledge? Do you like spy stories? Crime? Detective stories? I cannot provide you nothing (so far…) but if you want to improve your knoledge about DMVCFramework, the most popular Open-Source RESTful framework for Delphi, you are in the right place.

“DMVCFramework - the official guide” has been a huge success since its first publication in august 2020. Now, after 2 years since “that” august", and only for august 2022, all the “DMVCFramework - the official guide” translation (english, spanish and portuguese, e-book only) are discounted by 40% (you know, following the LeanPub selling rules, the minimum price that you can set is 40% less than usual). Repeat, only for august 2022.

As usual you can get your copy at LeanPub.

Here’s the direct links to the books with the discount of 40% only for august 2022:

✅ “DelphiMVCFramework - the official guide” (English Version) Buy the english version at 40% discount

✅ “DelphiMVCFramework - la guìa oficial” (Spanish version) Buy the spanish version at 40% discount

✅ “DelphiMVCFramework - o guia oficial” (Portuguese Version) Buy the portuguese version at 40% discount

Have a good holiday!

P.S. Did you already save your seat for the ITDevCon conference?


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