ITDevCon 2010

Last Friday ended the second edition of ITDevCon, the European Conference on Delphi and its related technologies.
ITDevCon This year was even bigger.
There have been more present, more sponsors, more speakers, more topics and a lot of people with the desire to learn new things and improve their every day work.
In addition to a large group of Italian and European speakers, we had speakers from all over the world. From the coast of the U.S. Ovest to Russia. The participants who came from all over Europe. The most intrepid of them even came from Australia to follow the Mobile Boost on Android and the 2-day conference. Congratulations!
A special thanks goes to all the speakers who participated and the sponsors who have contributed their support to make this conference a major event for the European community Delphi.
I hope that the content and the organization is liked to you at least half of how much it is liked to me.
We are organizing slides, videos and examples for each speech to put it all on-line available to participants at the conference as soon as possible. You will receive an email informing you of how to download all the material available.
In the coming days, on the conference website ( we will post all the pictures we have done in these three days. If you have any photos that you want to see published, send them to me, we’ll publish it on the official website.

Many speakers already blogged about the conference:

Paweł Głowacki

Marco Cantù

José León Serna

Bruno Fierens

Primoz Gabrijelcic

And now, Daniele Teti :-)

If you want to see the tweet about the conference, you can go here.

I thank again all those who have spoken and all those who have attended to ITDevCon.
See you next year.

– Daniele


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