Join us for a Deep Dive into DMSContainer 4.2

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The time is come! On the 25th of September 2023, we are hosting an exclusive online training session on Zoom, and it’s all about the revolutionary DMSContainer 4.2!

DMSContainer, as you may already know, has been a game-changer in the world of software architecture and microservices, expecially for Delphi developers but not only for them. But now, with the release of version 4.2, we are taking it to the next level. If you need to build resilient, scalable, and efficient software systems, or if you are just tired to reinvent the wheel everytime, this is an event you absolutely cannot miss!

What’s New in DMSContainer 4.2

  • ✨ New! Email module can send email through MS AZURE too!;
  • ✨ New! DMSContainer Setup supports in-place upgrades, in silent mode too!
  • ✨ New! shell_job_timeout_in_seconds parameter defines ShellJobs timeout, no more dangling blocked instances!
  • ✨ New! Report engine now supports stored reports. IT is even simpler for clients to ask for a report without be forced to “send” the template to the server. API has been extended to manage stored reports too.
  • ✨ New! CLI createreport allows to create PDF report with extreme simplicity even from command line. Just run the CLI pointing to a stored report and you’ll get the PDF, DOCX or HTML report.
  • ✅ Improved! The report engine module is now able to generate: PDF 1.7, PDF 1.6, PDF 1.5, PDF/A-1 (ISO 19005-1:2005), PDF/A-2 (ISO 19005-2:2011).
  • ✅ Improved! New and better filters for DOCX templates.
  • ✅ Improved! Performance and stability improvements.
  • 🔔 Updated to DMVCFramework 3.4.0-neon.

Official Training

Why should you join us for this online training about DMSContainer 4.2?

Discover What’s New: We will delve deep into the incredible features and enhancements that DMSContainer 4.2 brings to the table. From improved performance to new integrations, we’ve left no stone unturned to make your microservices journey even smoother.

Learn Best Practices: DMSContainer is all about simplifying microservices development, but using it effectively requires some insights. We’ll share best practices and techniques that will help you harness the full potential of this centralized solution.

Sensible Defaults: One of the highlights of DMSContainer 4.2 is its “sensible defaults” approach. You’ll learn how these defaults can save you time and headaches while still allowing for extensive customization.

Interactive Q&A: Have burning questions about DMSContainer? Our live Q&A session will provide you with the opportunity to get answers directly from experts who have worked extensively with this groundbreaking technology.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals, share your experiences, and expand your professional network. The event will be a hub for exchanging ideas and building valuable relationships.

To ensure that you reserve your spot for this enlightening event, please mark your calendar for September 25th, 2023. The event will kick off at 14:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours, a.k.a CEST) on Zoom, and the registration link will be shared shortly.

Remember, DMSContainer 4.2 is not just a tool; it’s a catalyst for innovation and time saver approaches. Whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting your journey, there’s something valuable for everyone in this training.


  • Free for all current owners of DMSContainer license (standard or professional, no matter which one);
  • € 99,00 for all the other ones;

Contact us and save your seat


The event will last for 4 hours with a coffre break more or less in the middle and will be held on Zoom. Having a valid installation of DMSContainer on your machine is suggested but it is not required. There will be a lot of example and live demos. You will be able to start using DMSContainer just after the training.


  • What is a microservices architecture (a short introduction)
  • DMSContainer and microservices
  • What advantages does DMSContainer offer
    • Differences between DMSContainer standard and DMSContainer professional
  • The Built In Modules
    • Email Module
      • Fundamentals and advanced utilization
      • Sending email with MS AZURE (new in v4.2)
    • Report Module
      • Fundamentals and advanced utilization
      • Using Stored Reports (new in v4.2)
      • Using CLI createreport from your current application
    • Single Sign On Module
      • Fundamentals and advanced utilization
      • Using Contexts as an advanced licences management system
    • Excel Module
      • Fundamentals and advanced utilization
      • Success Cases!
    • Event Streams Module
      • Fundamentals and advanced utilization
      • Success Cases!
    • SynchUtils Module
      • Fundamentals and advanced utilization
      • Using SynchUtils to avoid multiple instances of your application
  • The types of jobs
    • ShellJob: planning and execution
  • Log management
  • Monitor your system with DMSSupervisor
  • ClassJob: use, development and maintenance
  • The DMS_* variables
  • The hierarchical configuration system
  • Leverage DMSSupervisor
  • How DMSContainer Global Instance watches over our services
  • Success Case: How to develop in 4 hours what would have taken 10 days


Stay tuned for more details, and get ready to embark on a transformative journey with DMSContainer 4.2. Together, we’ll shape the future of your software systems, one microservice at a time!

See you on the 25th of September, and let’s explore the limitless possibilities of DMSContainer together!

– Daniele Teti


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