Speaking at the International Pascal Congress in Salamanca (Spain)

I’m glad to be a speaker at the IPC, which will be held from 3 to 7 July 2023. According to the website “The International Pascal Congress (IPC) is an international forum dedicated to bringing together the different players in the software industry whose technologies are based on the Pascal family of programming languages.”

The congress is hosted by the University of Salamanca in Spain will be a stunning and forward-looking reflection on the Pascal family of languages in the software industry.

There will be a numbers of interesting activities; both from tech POV and from business POV as well.

I’ll talk during the plenary keynote talks. The other weel.known names are: Marco Cantù, Bruno Fierens, Primoz Gabrijelcic, Michalis Kamburelis, Detlef Overbeek and Dr. Johannes W. Dietrich. Many other speakers will be involved in courses and technical sessions, and there will be also product and projects presentations.

Will be a very interesting conference. Register to the conference and see you in Salamanca (which is a very nice hystorical city as well).


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