New beta version for DataSnap Filters Compendium

[[I’ve been very busy lately with some Delphi related events here in Italy]{style=“background-color: #ffffff;” title=“Sono stato molto impegnato ultimamente”}]{#result_box .short_text}

so I havent too much time for my personal open source project. But now I’ve released new beta version for DSFC.

This release address a problem with the cypher filters.

Cypher filters arent completely compatible with the previuous version, so you need to rebuild the server and the client if you want to use this new version of DSFC.

There are one known issue:

  • Cannot have multiple connections in a client with the same filters but different cipher keys connecting to different servers.

Some users asked to me a little tutorial to setup a demo application with the cypher filters. Now there is a project group illustrating how do it.

There is also a new net speed test.

I’m waiting for some testers feedback comment before of 1.1 version.

As usual you can find the source code in the GoogleCode SVN repository

Happy testing!


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