*VERY* busy time! RADSTUDIO XE, ITDevCon and other stuff

This is a very busy time.

Some news:

  • RAD STUDIO XE is out
  • The ITDevCon time table will be published ASAP. This year I’m working to create a Time Table even more interesting than the last year (not simple!). The speakers will talk about DELPHI XE, RADPHP XE and a*LOT* of DataSnap. Complete list of topic are available in the conference web site home page.
  • The italian RADSTUDIO XE events will be held in September, Tuesday 21 ROME and Wednesday 22 MILAN
  • Busy time also for this blog… I’m planning some really interesting stuff that I working on:
    • Nice stuff with the Delphi Language
    • MVC framework with scripting engine for web development in Delphi
    • DORM, the Delphi ORM
    • Some real-world samples for the new RAD STUDIO XE

What other to say?

Stay tuned


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