Delphi Stomp Client (with FreePascal support

Yes, I’ve just committed last version of DelphiStompClient, a STOMP client for Delphi 2010 (should works in 2007 and 2009 too) and FreePascal 2.4. DelphiStompClient has been tested with Apache ActiveMQ 5.2 and 5.3 but should works with every STOMP compliant server. You can find the code here, but if you need more info with example and other stuff, read entire article.

New beta version for DataSnap Filters Compendium

[[I’ve been very busy lately with some Delphi related events here in Italy]{style=“background-color: #ffffff;” title=“Sono stato molto impegnato ultimamente”}]{#result_box .short_text} [[Delphi “Porte Aperte” (organized by Marco Cantù and bit Time Software)]{style=“background-color: #ffffff;” title=“Sono stato molto impegnato ultimamente”}]{#result_box .short_text} Ready for the change? IT happens (organized by bit Time Software) so I havent too much time for my personal open source project.

A simple Dependency Injection Container for Delphi

As wikipedia says: “Dependency injection (DI) in computer programming refers to the process of supplying an external dependency to a [software component]. It is a specific form of inversion of control where the concern being inverted is the process of obtaining the needed dependency. The term was first coined by Martin Fowler to describe the mechanism more clearly.

News and small fixes for DataSnap Filters compendiu

DataSnap Filters Compendium has been used by many users so far. I’m planning to do some change in hash filters (that do not will affect already written code) but until new version will ready I have 3 nice news about DSFC: 1. Now the project is on Google Code. 2. Franco Perana, the first contributor to the project, has fixed and optimized the LZO filter.

JSON support in Delphi2010, a simple example

🎤 Update of this post 👉here👈 During last ITDevCon in Verona (ITALY) I talked in a session with title “Marshal and UnMarshal in Delphi 2010″ (we have published some photos about this great conference here). In the first part of the session I’ve talked about JSON and many attendees were very interested in JSON and his application in everyday programming.

Si è conclusa ITDevCon 2009 [ITALIAN]

Giovedì scorso si è conclusa la prima edizione di ITDevCon, la conferenza europea dedicata interamente a Delphi e alle tecnologie e metodologie ad esso collegate. Aver partecipato alla sua organizzazione selezionando i contenuti tecnici è stato molto impegnativo, ma visto il successo, altrettanto gratificante. Ringrazio gli speaker che hanno proposto topic ad alto contenuto informativo e tecnico nonostante alcuni argomeni affrontati richiedessero, probabilmente, più tempo di quello a disposizione (le sessioni sono durate 55 minuti).

My Speeches at ITDevCon 2009 (Italy, Verona)

Tomorrow I travel to Verona to the ITDevCon the Italian Delphi Conference. The conference will be at 11-12 november, and will be REALLY great! You can see the time table here. At this conference I will speak about: Marshal e UnMarshal in Delphi 2010 Enterprise Data Access patterns in Delphi Delphi e i messaging systems… ZeroMQ + AMQP e ActiveMQ + STOMP My speeches will be in italian language only.

DataSnap Filters Compendium

What’s DataSnap Filters Compendium DataSnap Filters Compendium (DSFC) is a compendium of 9 filters for DataSnap 2010. The filters are divided into 3 groups: HASH MD5 MD4 SHA1 SHA512 CIPHER Blowfish Rijndael 3TDES 3DES COMPRESS LZO HASH filters The HASH filters helps avoid to any spiteful person to modify datasnap message through an “Man in the middle” attack (http://en.

Custom Marshalling/UnMarshalling in Delphi 2010

Introduction Some days ago, Embarcadero has presented the new version of RAD Studio, 2010. The are many new features, but you can find in a lot places around the web, so I won’t repeat them here. One of the things widely requested from all Delphi programmers all over the world over the past few years, including myself, is

My AMQP Delphi wrapper is in the standard 0MQ distributio

Yes, this is a nice news! My AMQP Delphi wrapper for 0MQ is officially included into the distribution of 0MQ. Now sources are managed into the main svn trunk. You can read the news in the project’s main page. You can see the code here. In the upcoming greatest Delphi conference ITDevCon, I’ll have a talk about MoM (Message oriented middleware) and I’ll talk about ZeroMQ too.